Supplies/Accessories OdoCare

OdoCare Carbon and ECO Bags   


  • OdoCare 45L Carbon 160ltr a 250 bags.
  • OdoCare 45L ECO (blue) 160ltr a 250 bags.
  • OdoCare 75L ECO (blue) 180ltr a 250 bags. Odor shelf life maximum 1 day.
  • OdoCare ECO bags are especially made for the storage of incontinence materials. The OdoCare ECO bags are made of 100% recycled materials and are delivered per 250 pieces in a box.

OdoCare Hygiene bags on Roll  


Hygiene Bags on Roll ECO (600 bags total, 60 per roll). The ECO hygiene bags are made of 100% recycled materials. Extends the life and ease of use of the OdoCare waste bin.

Sanalife advises to use hygiene bags for optimal hygiene, place the incontinence materials in the hygiene bag and dispose in the OdoCare waste bucket.

OdoCare Hygiene Basket


OdoCare Hygiene Basket including rolholder for hygiene bags. The basket can be used for hygiene bags, including storage of nitrile gloves, disinfectants and other tools. With this solution, two operations can be realized in one movement. After opening the drum, a bag can be taken directly from the back of the drum and automatically torn off with a forward motion across the drum. For this roll holder, 60 hygiene bags on a roll are available.

The Rolholder is also available as a separate item. (excluding basket)

OdoCare Hygiene Roll Holder 


OdoCare Hygiene Roll holder. Holder for on the back of OdoCare. To be used for hygiene bags with a specific tear-off edge on a roll of 60 pcs.

 Laundry car attachment


OdoCare laundry cart hitch, length 25cm.

Maintenance – silicon grease

( 6 gram/ per 6 pcs)        


For working on & maintaining the white silicone edge of the drum holder. The drum will keep running smoothly if the white rim is lubricated once every 6-8 weeks. The frequency of maintenance depends on whether or not hygiene bags are used.